Shirt Service

A good shirt service starts with attention to collars and cuffs, followed by thorough laundering using quality detergents and special wash programs. Then comes the important bit – the ironing.

Unlike some dry cleaners that ‘press’ your shirt with a puff of steam, our machines press with irons resulting in a crisp professional finish with over 90% of our shirts requiring no further finishing.

This allows us to pass on to you beautifully laundered shirts at surprisingly refreshing prices. For the more discerning customer we recommend our specialist shirt service where amongst other things we hand finish areas like the cuff pleats, pockets, yoke seams and sides etc. We also recommend it for high value fashion and designer shirts or the non traditional business shirt.

Your shirts are normally returned on hangers, but if you prefer our folding service is an option particularly popular with travelling customers. Light, medium and heavy starch is available by request.